German Court Indicates That Berlin Must Re-Do Election Due To Voting Irregularities

On Wednesday, a court in Berlin indicated that the city must run several elections over again due to a number of voting irregularities.

The Berlin Constitutional Court explained that its decision was based on a range of issues, including a lack of ballot papers, periodic closures at polling stations and huge lines for voters.

It is believed that the irregularities may have had a meaningful impact on the outcome of the elections, including the nationwide general election.

In one instance, polling stations in Berlin were shut down for a total of 83 hours while they tracked down missing ballot papers. Some polling stations remained open well after the period of polling was supposed to close.

The court has received approximately 35 objections to repeating last year’s elections. The judges’ decision is not final, however, as they will have up to three months to make the decision official.

According to German polls, the Green party’s numbers are up from last week, but support has waned for the leftist Social Democratic Party and the liberal Free Democratic Party.

In particular, Green party minister Robert Habeck has been suffering in the polls, as Germans hold him responsible for the country’s economic woes. Habeck, however, said in March that he does not support an embargo of Russian fossil fuels.

The centrist Christian Democratic Union and the populist Alternative for Germany, on the other hand, have seen significant gains in voter confidence since last year’s election. The growing support is thought to be due to the energy crisis in Germany, as citizens brace for a cold winter.

The shifting tides in voter support means that there could be vastly different results if elections were repeated in Berlin.