Georgia’s David Perdue ‘Unleashes’ On Stacey Abrams

In Georgia, the state’s 2022 gubernatorial election is heading up. Right now, Republican Governor Brian Kemp is seeking re-election. However, he’s also fending off a primary challenge from David Perdue, a former Georgia Senator.

On the Democratic side, Stacey Abrams is also running to be the next Governor of Georgia. Abrams ran for the state’s governorship back in 2018. But Kemp ultimately defeated her.

Kemp says he can defeat Abrams once more. Meanwhile, Perdue believes that Kemp hasn’t been the best leader in Georgia, therefore rendering Kemp unequipped to continue leading.

Thus far, the latest poll of a Georgia general election shows that both Kemp and Perdue would beat Abrams in a one-on-one match. Nevertheless, only one of these Republicans can win their party’s nomination.

Both Kemp and Perdue are hard at work to become the Georgia GOP gubernatorial nominee. It explains Perdue’s latest interview where he lit into Stacey Abrams, as covered by Breitbart News.

Perdue left no stone unturned while speaking with Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News. The former Senator declared that Abrams’ continuous lies about so-called “voter suppression” in Georgia make her a fraud that will never hold the state’s governorship.

Perdue also called out Abrams for dodging Biden when he went to Atlanta to speak on voting rights. After noting how the Georgia Democrats couldn’t be bothered to show up for the President of her party, Perdue noted that Biden is now looking at Abrams’ sister as a potential Supreme Court nominee.

Ultimately, the Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate described all of this as nothing more than “corruption” at the highest level.

Perdue’s strong censure of Abrams comes after the Georgia Democrat landed in hot water for ditching face masks while visiting an elementary school. It was especially remarkable despite Abrams’ documented advocacy for mask mandates.

In 2020, Georgia went to Biden, and the state also elected Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to serve in the United States Senate.

In light of this, the Governor’s race this year will be the final test of whether or not Georgia transitions into an entirely blue state. With Warnock being up for re-election this year, Georgia voters will have a do-over of sorts from last year’s runoffs.

For the sake of the United States, many Americans are counting on Georgians to do the right thing and keep a Republican in their Governor’s mansion.