Georgia Democrat In The ‘Hot Seat’ Over Campaign Fundraising

This year, between Governor’s races and the midterms, will significantly impact politics in the United States. Americans will also be able to cast their ballots in November and determine whether or not they approve of the current leadership thus far.

Biden’s been struggling in the polls. Furthermore, the growing unpopularity of the current President has created a situation where his party members don’t want to be too closely linked with him.

Democrats up for re-election this year have employed stealthy means of distancing themselves from the President to avoid his baggage. However, this might not be enough for Georgia Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock, as covered by the Washington Free Beacon.

Warnock is one of many Democrats running to secure another term in Congress. To run an effective campaign and have a fighting chance of keeping his Senate seat, fundraising is a must.

However, it’s recently come to light that 84% of capital raised by the Georgia Democrat has come from folks who don’t even live in the state he represents. Meanwhile, folks from blue states like New York, California, Massachusetts, etc., have been dumping funds into Warnock’s war chest.

Currently, Herschel Walker is running to take Warnock’s seat in the United States Senate. A spokesperson for a PAC backing Walker has stated his lack of funds from Georgia residents shows he’s not very popular.

In a nutshell, Warnock can raise all the money in the world from other states. However, if he’s not able to win over his constituents, his chances of being voted into office are slim to none.

Biden has a net bad approval rating in Georgia as well. This is yet another strike that doesn’t work out in Warnock’s favor so much.

For some reason, going out of state to secure campaign funds appears to be a tactic that more and more Democrats are taking up these days.

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is up for re-election in Michigan, has also landed in the hot seat for California to raise funds for her 2022 gubernatorial campaign. In November, Whitmer went to the Golden State for fundraising purposes as her state was suffering from Omicron.

The Michigan Republican Party has repeatedly held Whitmer’s feet to the fire on this, deeming her as elitist, out of touch, and unworthy of serving a second term.

Like Warnock, Whitmer’s re-election chances in her state aren’t looking too solid. Perhaps rampant out-of-state fundraising is the latest strategy for unpopular leftists sensing political defeat.

Either way, it’s not a good look for the Democrat Party.