Geopolitical Affairs Appear ‘Bleak’ With Biden In Office

Since Joe Biden has held the White House, there’s been quite a bit of talk about the negative domestic impacts of his leadership. However, this month has brought to the forefront the genuinely horrific consequences of having Biden in office when it pertains to international affairs.

In a nutshell, Biden’s incompetence has created a situation where enemies to the United States don’t take our nation’s leader seriously. It marks a significant contrast against the Trump Administration, where China, Russia, etc., knew that Trump meant business.

There’s no better case study of this than the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Biden’s been practically begging Putin not to strike Ukraine. However, the Russian President’s only response has been openly blowing off the sanctions threatened by Biden and then moving in on Ukraine late Wednesday night.

Biden’s only reaction to this has been to claim that Russia will be held responsible and then threaten to implement more ineffective sanctions against the country.

Things aren’t looking good regarding the China-Taiwan situation, as RedState points out.

Like Russia had Ukraine in its sights before striking, China has the same laser focus on Ukraine.

In light of what transpired in Ukraine since late Wednesday night, Beijing News put out a notice calling for its citizens only to put up content favorable to Russia and antagonistic towards America and the West in general.

Later, Beijing News took down this post from social media. However, the writing is very clear on the wall. China and Russia have already gotten a lot cozier since Biden took US office.

Now, China’s observing Russia’s takeover of Ukraine. They’re witnessing Joe Biden do nothing other than giving angry speeches and implementing sanctions that don’t hurt Russia or Putin in any regard.

Many Americans have already pointed out that no one should be shocked if the Chinese government decided to descend upon Taiwan in light of the current situation.

When it comes to Biden and the series of international crises that appear bound to unfold on his watch, the moral of the story is that weakness invites evil.

The sitting President has been hostile towards Republicans, GOP governors, and Americans unwilling to take COVID vaccines. However, Biden can’t muster up a fraction of this aggression towards Russia, the Taliban, China, etc.

At this point, because of the dangerous precedent set by Biden, there is no telling what comes next.