Gavin Newsom Puts His Elitist Arrogance On Full Display

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has failed his state from an objective standpoint. Furthermore, Newsom’s failure is made evident by the massive problems the Golden State is facing.

Homelessness is a huge issue in California, as are the massive anti-business regulations driving companies out of the deep blue state. Tesla and other enterprises have decided to move to states like Texas due to its more business-friendly environment.

Let’s not forget about the surge in retail crimes happening in major California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, these are issues for the little people to the California governor.

According to PJ Media, rather than Newsom dealing with the plethora of disasters in the state he’s supposed to be leading, the California governor is traveling to promote his latest book.

Quite frankly, the California governor’s choice to travel across the United States to promote his book, Ben & Emma’s Big Hit, comes at one of the most inopportune times. Nevertheless, Newsom appeared on The View, The Daily Show, and more to promote his book.

Ben & Emma’s Big Hit centers around Newsom’s experience growing up with dyslexia. Furthermore, the California governor is hopeful his book will be inspirational to other children growing up in similar situations.

That’s all good. However, Newsom has bigger fish to fry, and he ought to act accordingly. Rather than prancing all over the media for self-promotion purposes, the California governor should be taking real, strategic action to drive down crime in his state.

Newsom declared that shoplifts need to face prosecution for their crimes earlier this month. However, this rhetoric rings hollow in light of the California governor’s simultaneous support for lax crime policies that allow shoplifters to ravage retail stores.

Despite the horrific nature of Newsom’s leadership, Americans (and Californians, primarily) shouldn’t count on anything different happening. Newsom will continue to do his own thing while his state collapses because he’s been able to get away with it repeatedly.

Earlier this year, the people of California had the chance to recall Newsom. Yet, they blew it and overwhelmingly voted in favor of Newsom staying on as the state’s governor.

Elections have consequences. At this point, California has made it clear they like leftist leadership and Newsom being in the governor’s mansion. The local California leaders aren’t any better. Therefore, the Golden State will continue further down the toilet.