Funeral Held For 5 Babies Discovered at Infamous DC Clinic

On March 25, 2022, pro-life advocates recovered boxes from a delivery driver that contained five ‘extremely late-term’ aborted children. The bodies were so developed that there was an immediate public outcry.

Of course, the mainstream media has not covered the story. The MSM refuses to provide two sides of the debate, preferring instead to cast pro-life advocates as extremists even when faced with the possible horrific crime of children murdered after they were born. A catholic priest performed a funeral for the babies, as well as for the remains of 110 aborted children.

The case has made national news with members of Congress getting involved.

It is a gruesome story, but abortion activists have not stopped at the stated goals of abortions being “safe, legal and rare” and must be confronted on these issues. In California, legislation has been introduced that would allow for the murder of children for up to 7 days after they are born without legal consequence for the mother calling it ‘perinatal death.’ Pro-life advocates are arguing that it legalizes infanticide. The fact that this discussion is even being had shows how insane the abortion lobby has gotten in this country.

There are signs that changes are on the way regarding abortion laws. The Texas heartbeat law, which survived a review by the Supreme Court, cut abortions by almost 60% after it was enacted. Other states are following the Lone Star State’s lead to enact similar legislation. The Supreme Court has also agreed to review a case that may challenge the findings of the seminal abortion case Roe v. Wade. It is unlikely that SCOTUS would outlaw abortions completely but there is a chance that it could kick it back to the states, which would be more in alignment with the founder’s intent.

Unless Congress comes out and outlaws abortion, the concept of federalism is the best chance for limitations on the practice. Each state should be able to decide its own stance on the matter, even up to an outright ban. Regardless of what happens at the Supreme Court, there should never be a funeral like the one in D.C. last week ever again.