Former White House COVID Official Now Big Pharma CEO

In as natural of a progression as day following night, the former White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator has been named the CEO of a Big Pharma company.

Deborah Birx, 67, served under former President Donald Trump, and now the controversial figure will be the new leader of biotech company Armata Pharmaceuticals. Birx often disparaged the former president’s observations on COVID-19 and drew the ire of conservatives and civil libertarians.

During the height of lockdowns when she implored everyone to stay home, she and her family chose that time to have a large gathering.

As the 2020 holidays approached, Birx urged the nation to “be vigilant” and keep celebrations limited to the “immediate household.” But it was soon revealed that the day after Thanksgiving, three generations of her family gathered on Fenwick Island in Delaware.

As would be expected, this caused great anger and pointed toward the hypocrisy of those who insisted that the little people “do as we say, not as we do.”

After her time in the White House ended in 2021, Birx quickly found employment in the private sector. She was chief medical and scientific advisor for ActivePure Technology, a Texas air filtration company.

Birx served as a board member for Innoviva, a biopharmaceutical company and was named a global health fellow at the George W. Bush Institute. In Sept. 2022 she joined the board of directors for Swiss microscope company Nanolive.

The very next month, she was named a member of the Federal Advisory Board for software company Palantir. Apparently, misguided COVID guidance was not an impediment for Birx’s career prospects.

And now she accepted the position as Armata’s CEO.

Chair of the Board of Directors Robin C. Kramer said her “expertise in immunology and infectious diseases together with her proven leadership skills will serve us well.”

According to their PR, the California-based Armata Pharmaceuticals is a “clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of pathogen-specific bacteriophage therapeutics for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant and difficult-to-treat bacterial infections.

Birx stepped down as the Biden administration was about to move into the White House. Her 2020 announcement declared her wish for the new president to be “successful” and noted she’d been in the federal government since 1980.