Former NY Attorney Predicts DOJ Is ‘On A Path’ To Charge Trump

In an interview with NBC News on Sunday, former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara predicted the Department of Justice (DOJ) could charge former President Donald Trump in as little as a month.

NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd had Bharara on the show to search for another anti-Trump story for the mainstream media. The pair discussed how a U.S. District Judge declined the DOJ’s request on Friday to hold the former president’s team in contempt of court for not complying with a grand jury subpoena.

According to reports, Donald Trump’s attorneys turned over at least two new classified items to the FBI after they were found in a storage unit he used. A team hired by Trump searched his properties over recent weeks in response to a May grand jury subpoena demanding classified documents. Documents found in Trump’s storage unit in West Palm Beach contain unclear information and are unlikely to be useful. Despite this, the left still claims they “got him.”

When Todd asked what the DOJ was waiting for, Bharara responded that he believed there was a serious possibility that the Justice Department would charge because of several seasoned prosecutors. “And I think it’ll happen in a month,” the former federal prosecutor said.

A criminal inquiry is being conducted into Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents, and special counsel Jack Smith has been appointed to oversee the investigation.

Subpoenas have been sent to local officials in key presidential swing states seeking any communications related to Trump. Subpoenas were sent to top election officials in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

As for the Jan. 6 committee members, Todd asked if they “made their case against Donald Trump.” The former U.S. attorney said, “It is not their role to make a criminal case, although they’re making a referral.”

As a result of the committee’s lack of authority to indict Trump, Bharara described the criminal referral as largely symbolic.