Former New York City Mayor May Run For Congress

Many Americans know Democrat Bill de Blasio as the former mayor of New York City. De Blasio has since left office and succeeded current New York City Mayor Eric Adams. However, the horrors of de Blasio’s time as mayor still live on in the Empire State.

Despite having a new mayor in office, New York City is still faced with the COVID vaccine mandates and Key to NYC Pass that de Blasio put into effect during his mayoral term. Adams has refused to roll back these edicts of his predecessor. The current New York City has even strengthened de Blasio’s measures.

For some time, there was talk about de Blasio running for governor, although, in a matter of weeks, the former mayor announced he wouldn’t be seeking a gubernatorial term after all.

Instead, Bill de Blasio could very well be planning to run for a congressional seat, as reported by TheBlaze.

Reports indicate the former mayor of New York City is looking into pursuing a seat in the United States House of Representatives. De Blasio has put in some phone calls about making a challenge against Max Rose of New York.

Interestingly enough, de Blasio’s eight years as the mayor of New York City hasn’t made the Democrat Party too happy about him potentially tossing his hat in the congressional ring.

Word has it the Democrat Party doesn’t want funds squandered in a primary election that’s full of dirty politics being played. Nevertheless, de Blasio is allegedly telling people not to count him out and warning that he may be getting into this race anyway.

It doesn’t appear as though de Blasio is all talk, either. The former mayor is reaching out to his district’s campaign fundraisers and others to help him in a congressional election.

At this point, the odds of Bill de Blasio choosing to run for Congress appear more likely than not. It inherently brings into question his odds of winning the election.

Given that New Yorkers voted de Blasio to lead the state’s capital city for eight years, there’s a real possibility he could end up representing a New York district in Congress. Despite the terrible job that de Blasio and other Democrats have done in the office, most New Yorkers continue voting the party’s members into power.

No one should be shocked if de Blasio ends up making an official campaign announcement.