Former CIA Analyst Predicts More Intel Community Election Interference

Former President Donald Trump has spent years condemning the so-called “deep state” for its perceived effort to orchestrate events and political outcomes on behalf of a privileged elite.

In March, before he was charged with dozens of criminal counts in a quartet of indictments, he told a crowd in Waco, Texas: “Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state.”

Now, a former CIA analyst is using similar language in his warning that the embrace of ideologies like “diversity, equity and inclusion” will provide unaccountable government insiders with the power necessary to influence the results of the upcoming presidential election.

“My guess is that the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will re-emerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal policies that many intelligence people like,” said Dr. John Gentry, who is currently a professor at Georgetown University.

He hearkened back to the lead-up to the 2020 election to provide an example of the type of interference he is anticipating this year. Dozens of intelligence sources signed a letter questioning the authenticity of a laptop reportedly abandoned by Hunter Biden, the son of then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Citing a source with knowledge of the situation, Gentry said that he was told “in no uncertain terms” that the effort to question the laptop story was part of a “clearly political” plan “to help the Biden campaign.”

The computer and the damning information found therein were only authenticated after the elder Biden was inaugurated.

Gentry advised that he sees signs emerging of a similar plot underway ahead of the upcoming presidential election, which is shaping up to be a Biden-Trump rematch.

“I long have thought we are likely to again see former intelligence officers be politically active against Trump or whomever the Republican presidential candidate is next year, and I expect leaking to resume,” he said. “The activities of ‘formers’ have resumed already, a bit before I expected.”

As for the impact of DEI policies, Gentry explained that they have successfully shifted the focus of the intelligence community from relevant missions to the pursuit of a broader “woke” agenda. Not only has this paved the way for more political activism among intel leaders, but it has deeply damaged the morale among agents who actually want to serve the best interests of the nation.

“There are a lot of people who are unhappy about it because it’s politicizing the workforce and it’s dividing the workforce among people who believe in DEI politics and those who don’t,” he concluded.