Former Acting AG Backs IRS Whistleblower Testimony

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker argued this week that the federal prosecutor in charge of the Hunter Biden probe believes the testimony from two IRS whistleblowers regarding the investigation into the president’s son. This includes allegations that the Department of Justice (DOJ) interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Whitaker made the comments during an interview with Fox News this week. According to the former Trump administration official, allegations that U.S. Attorney David Weiss was restricted in his investigation were true.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said that Weiss desired to charge Hunter Biden in two separate jurisdictions, but was restricted by the U.S. Attorneys representing the Central District of California and Washington D.C.

Weiss penned a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in response to a request for more information about the investigation last week.

The U.S. Attorney said that he could not turn over sensitive information, writing that he was “not at liberty to provide the materials you seek.”

Weiss confirmed that his ability to charge was “geographically limited to my home district” of Delaware. The statement stands in contrast to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s that there were no restrictions placed on Weiss’ investigation.

Weiss wrote that at “the appropriate time, I welcome the opportunity to discuss these topics with the Committee in more detail, and answer questions related to the whistleblowers’ allegations consistent with the law and Department policy.”

Whitaker said that if the whistleblowers’ testimony was incorrect, Weiss “could shut this down just by saying ‘what they’re saying is not true, those conversations didn’t happen.”

Whitaker argued that Weiss “knows there were at least six witnesses to those conversations, and it is true, he did try to take these charges to other places like D.C. and L.A.”

“He did try to get special counsel status from DOJ and was denied,” he said.

According to the IRS whistleblowers’ statements, Weiss requested special counsel status in the Hunter Biden probe but was denied by the Justice Department.

“He surprised us by telling us on the charges, ‘I’m not the deciding official on whether charges are filed,’” Shapley said.