Florida Is About To Demonstrate How The Game Is Played

Joe Biden despises the state of Florida. Biden cannot stand that the glorious Sunshine State went to Trump and not him in the 2020 presidential election. Additional elements of Florida that grind Biden’s gears include the freedom, lack of oppressive mandates, and the state’s business-friendly policies. 

Biden truly has an ax to grind with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Unlike leftist governors, DeSantis has repeatedly gone toe to toe with Biden on medical mandates and various oppressive measures that impact individual rights in the country. 

At this time, Biden is using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to force COVID vaccine mandates on the nation. However, as documented by Fox Business, Florida isn’t going to stand for this either. 

When Biden announced that OSHA would be used as the enforcement vehicle for his unconstitutional vaccine mandate (a mandate the Federal Appeals Court recently paused), he thought he was in the clear. 

Florida is saying, “not so fast.” This week, it’s come out that Governor DeSantis is considering whether the state will pull back from OSHA altogether. It is a matter the Florida state legislature will review next week during a planned special session. 

The Florida House Speaker, Chris Sprowls, recently declared that the state wouldn’t stand by as OSHA attempts to turn businesses into hostages. Sprowls then declared Florida is eager to cut ties with OSHA and push for its regulatory powers.

Next week’s Florida special session will also witness state lawmakers implement new protections that safeguard workers from vaccination mandates. 

In all honesty, things are not looking suitable for the president’s COVID vaccine mandate. Believe it or not, Biden is aware of this, too.

That’s why the White House is putting pressure on businesses across the United States to proceed ahead with medical mandates, despite the pause the Federal Appeals Court put on Biden’s order.

The Jobs Creators Network, an organization centered around small businesses, believes Biden knows his mandate won’t stand. JCN recently declared the president is working to force vaccines on people via as many backdoor channels as possible before the court ultimately strikes down his mandate. 

The 46th president has reached a point of desperation. He knows states like Florida will not stand for his lawlessness and authoritarianism. Biden’s also aware of his terrible poll numbers right ahead of the 2022 midterms. 

Quite frankly, there’s no telling what stunt this president will pull next as Americans collectively begin to fight back against him.