Florida Leading America As A ‘Back The Blue State’

Florida’s been dominating national headlines for weeks on end, at this point. Governor Ron DeSantis, at every turn, is taking on the tyranny of the Biden administration. The Florida GOP governor also made clear he won’t stand by as the federal government attacks jobs, freedoms, and individual liberty.

This week, Florida joined 18 other states in suing the Biden administration over a mandate for federal contractors to take the COVID vaccine. In this lawsuit, these states argue the federal government has gone beyond its legal parameters. 

In addition to that, Florida is now establishing itself as a strong Back the Blue state, as documented by The Daily Caller

On Friday, Governor DeSantis sat down for an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham. While conversing with the network, DeSantis explained police officers opposed to COVID vaccine mandates are already leaving other states and relocating to Florida. 

The Republican governor additionally declared Florida as a “law and order state.” DeSantis then made sure to note Florida’s also on the verge of becoming the leading state in the nation for law enforcement officers to work.

These developments come in addition to $5,000 bonuses for new police officers that the governor is implementing. At this time, DeSantis is pushing to pass a bill that would award this bonus to out-of-state law enforcement officers who move to the Sunshine State for work. 

Finally, DeSantis told Fox News that Florida would be a beacon for police officers nationwide when this bill passes. 

For months now, Florida’s been getting accolades for taking a measured and balanced approach amid the pandemic. Rather than carelessly throwing individual rights and freedoms to the wayside, Florida’s continued to respect people’s freedoms while also taking on COVID. 

Furthermore, Florida was the first state in the nation to bring monoclonal antibodies to the surface. For months, other states have begun to mirror Florida in this regard. 

Governor DeSantis continues to make it abundantly clear that police officers and law enforcement members have a home in Florida. The Republican governor is also very clear that instances of rioting and looting in other states won’t be tolerated in Florida. Earlier this year, the Sunshine State passed legislation prohibiting and penalizing rioting.

Earlier this month, Americans also learned Florida accounts for more than 40% of the jobs added to the economy nationwide in September. To say the rest of the country should take a page out of Florida’s book.