Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Hammered Fake News

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, is a rising star in the GOP. DeSantis has repeatedly held the line against socialism. He’s also taken on Joe Biden as the Biden administration tries to erode the freedoms and liberties of Americans. 

Leftists are incredibly terrified of DeSantis. They know he’s formidable as governor and could be an even more formidable presidential candidate should he decide to run. Because the left fears the Florida governor so much, they’ve resorted to attacking him via the mainstream media. 

Democrats should have known DeSantis would fight back, though. Red State reports the GOP governor pushed back against false claims that he’s exclusively trying to hire unvaccinated law enforcement officers and not others who may have taken the COVID vaccine. 

Joy Reid of MSNBC made it her business to falsely declare the Florida governor is trying to bring “potentially infectious” officers and “the virus of freedom” to the Sunshine State. Then, to solidify her false narrative, Reid played a media clip of DeSantis rightly saying no one should lose their employment because of COVID vaccine orders. 

Following this, the office of DeSantis delivered an adequate response. Per the governor’s office, DeSantis has been reaching out to police officers from other states for quite some time and encouraging them to relocate to Florida. 

During her tirade, Reid failed to mention that DeSantis’ appeal to bring out-of-state police officers to Florida predates COVID vaccine mandates in the United States. Perhaps if the MSNBC host had done her research, she could have gotten all the facts before spewing misinformation. 

Unlike blue states, Florida has consistently proven itself as a state that backs the blue and supports law enforcement. It did not just start once Democrats commenced their communist COVID vaccine requirements. 

For quite some time now, DeSantis has aimed to incentivize out-of-state police officers to move to Florida with $5,000 bonuses for recruits. This bonus has not yet passed. However, the Republican governor is working with the Florida state legislature to get this going. 

Florida’s steady backing of police officers has paid off. You don’t hear about rampant crime in the Sunshine State. Meanwhile, areas like Seattle, Washington, and New York City are crawling with criminal activity. 

Instead of the fake news media attacking Florida, they ought to be taking a page out of DeSantis’ book and then passing it on to leftist governors. There’s a reason why thousands of people are moving to Florida every day.