Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Fires Up Biden Loyalists

If there’s one thing Biden supporters don’t like hearing, it’s Let’s Go, Brandon. Let’s Go Brandon has become a clean version for individuals to express their dislike for the current president since it means “F*** Joe Biden.”

Yet, as Let’s Go Brandon becomes more popular (even showing up on t-shirts, flags, AR-15s, etc.), Democrats and Biden supporters have been made furious by the saying. Nevertheless, as many conservatives and other Let’s Go Brandon lovers have pointed out, this phrase isn’t going anywhere. 

Earlier in the week, while giving a press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis paid homage to Let’s Go, Brandon, as pointed out by Red State.

On Wednesday, the Florida governor talked about various measures he plans to take regarding election security in the Sunshine State. During one point, DeSantis then referred to the Biden administration as the “Brandon” administration. 

It immediately caused cheers and laughter from the crowd. Some people even started chanting “LGB” and otherwise showing their amusement at the governor’s quip at the Biden administration. 

DeSantis, personally, has sparred with Biden multiple times. The Florida governor has been outspoken in calling out this current administration as it becomes far too high-handed. Furthermore, DeSantis has taken actions legally and legislatively to counter much of what Biden is trying to do.

His most rabid critics were often branded as suffering from Trump’s Derangement Syndrome when Trump was in office. The same applies now to the Biden supporters who lost their minds over DeSantis’ tribute to Let’s Go, Brandon. 

Biden supporters slammed the Florida governor, stating his comments were inappropriate. Others claimed DeSantis shouldn’t have said “the Brandon administration.” However, all of the outrages fall flat when one only steps back and considers the actual reality. 

When House Rep. Rashida Tlaib called President Trump an MFer, nobody cared. Not a single person who now supports Biden said that Tlaib (as an elected official) shouldn’t have said what she said.

At some point, the pendulum swings. It continues to be fanatically absurd for the people who spent four years screaming “F Donald Trump” to now get sanctimonious over Let’s Go, Brandon. 

It’s a harmless, fun saying that Americans are embracing due to Biden’s horrible job in office. It speaks volumes that Let’s Go Brandon is being said not just in red states like Florida but also in some blue states that Biden supposedly won in 2020.