Florida GOP Voters Outnumber Their Democratic Counterparts

Within the past two years, the state of Florida has seen growing numbers of people moving in. A significant factor in new Florida residents deals with how the state handled COVID-19 and refused pressure to implement authoritarian medical mandates.

In 2021, for instance, Florida put laws on the books to prohibit the use of vaccine passports statewide. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) made it clear that Florida would never stand for locking people down, taking away their freedoms, or imposing one-size-fits-all medical decrees.

As it turns out, this brand of leadership carried a nationwide appeal. Now, it’s been revealed that Florida Republican voters are continuing to expand their major lead over Florida Democrats.

A Deep Dive Into Florida’s Voting Demographics
When DeSantis first won the 2018 governor’s race, Florida Democrats had a six-figure voter registration advantage over their GOP counterparts.

Fast forward to present day and the tables have turned. To this very day, registered Republicans in Florida have an over 175,000 lead over registered Democrats in the state.

Months ago, when DeSantis gave his State of the State address, he spoke about what’s attracting new residents to Florida. The Republican governor specifically pointed out how his state has become an “escape hatch” against heavy-handed restrictions and mandates seen in blue states.

In 2021, Florida’s domestic level of visitation reached the highest it’s been in history. This mirrors the voter registration advantage that Republicans secured in a state where Democrats traditionally carried more voters.

Another Win For Florida Republicans Coming Soon?
Right now, DeSantis is in the middle of seeking re-election in his state. Seeking to beat him are Florida Democrats Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist. Despite both Democrats routinely criticizing DeSantis on social media and through other forums, they remain well behind him.

The Florida governor currently leads every single Democrat running against him in the polls. Likewise, DeSantis has amassed a war chest of over $100 million in the governor’s race. This is far beyond the funds raised by both Fried and Crist put together.

At this time, Floridians appear set to re-elect DeSantis and ensure the state remains on its current course.