Florida Democrat’s Running Mate Effectively Mocks Special Needs Children

Videos have surfaced of Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s (D) running mate, Karla Hernandez-Mats, effectively mocking special needs students as “dysfunctional.”

Hernandez-Mats, who is currently the president of the Miami-Dade County teachers union, is facing backlash after multiple videos surfaced of her telling the same “joke” about her special needs students.

During a campaign event in Cape Coral, the Democrat claimed that she was qualified to be Florida’s next lieutenant governor because she used to be a special education teacher.

“I’m a teacher, I am a sp-ed teacher, so my major was emotionally-handicapped education, okay? That by itself qualifies me to deal with the dysfunctional legislature,” Hernandez-Mats said in an unearthed video first obtained by Fox News. “[It’s] a unique set of, uh, you know, skill sets in order to deal with them.”

That wasn’t the only time the Florida Democrat made those remarks. According to the DeSantis War Room, Hernandez-Mats has said this at least three times in public.

“So, I became a special education teacher,” she said during a separate event. “My major was emotionally-handicapped education, and so that by itself uniquely makes me qualified to deal with dysfunctional legislators.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) wife, Casey DeSantis, called Hernandez-Mats out in a tweet, responding to the remarks that she called “a new low.”

“Sickened by callous words from someone who claims to be an advocate for children. Karla, saying children w/ unique abilities are ‘dysfunctional’ & equating them to political opponents is a new low. I will make it my mission to let all parents know of the ‘hate in your heart,’” she wrote, referencing a comment from Hernandez-Mats’ running mate, Charlie Crist, in which he said that supporters of Ron DeSantis had “hate” in their hearts.