Florida Democrats Keep Digging Themselves Into Deeper Holes

The passing of time appears to be causing Florida Democrats to adopt an increasingly unhinged disposition on a collective level. Somewhere along the line, Florida Democrats didn’t react so well when it finally dawned on them that Florida ceased to be a swing state and became a red state.

Florida Democrats have been doing everything from struggling to get congressional candidates on their ballots to calling GOP Governor Ron DeSantis the reincarnation of Hitler and more.

In a nutshell, Democrats in the Sunshine State are repeatedly demonstrating why it’s so good that Republicans control the state, have more registered voters and have the governor’s mansion.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of bad behavior from Florida comes in response to their mischaracterization of a new law that gives parents more of a say in their children’s education, per American Thinker.

The new law that has Florida Democrats losing their minds stated that children in kindergarten to grade three are not supposed to be taught about complex matters, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

The reasoning behind this is straightforward. Many parents don’t want their very young children learning about these matters. Moreover, when children are in kindergarten, first grade, second grade or even third grade, they’re not in a place to be able to understand the ins and outs of gender identity and sexual orientation.

These matters will only confuse very young children. However, Florida Democrats have put an utterly fictitious spin on this law. Leftists have dubbed this new law the “Don’t Say Gay” proposal and created a narrative where supposedly evil and anti-gay Republicans are out to get LGBTQ+ children.

For Florida Democrats to continue mischaracterizing a simple law on childhood education is one of the highest forms of gaslighting. Thankfully, Republicans across the nation have been calling out these leftist lies and truthfully explaining what Florida’s new law entails.

In the state of Florida, every single Democrat who is running to beat Governor DeSantis in November is behind him in the polls by several points. Meanwhile, for DeSantis’ gubernatorial term, there’s been an influx of patriots and freedom lovers moving to Florida.

It is documented that the Florida Republican Party now has more voters registered than Democrats. By contrast, when DeSantis first got into office, Democrats in the state had the advantage in voter registration numbers.

Florida continues to be one of the top states in the nation where freedom, liberty and common sense are protected and heralded.