Florida Democrats Are Getting “Destroyed”

Over the past two years, Florida has gained a well-earned reputation as a state that values freedom over fascism, liberty over statism, and individual rights over government control.

It is thanks to the leadership of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis’ decisions to stand against mandates and put laws on the books to protect the rights of Sunshine State residents have paid off immensely.

For one thing, thousands of people are moving to Florida daily. Secondly, Florida hit the milestone of having more Republican voters on their rolls than Democrats. The economy of the Sunshine State is also booming and even giving nationwide job gains a run for their money.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Florida are all too eager to undo this progress. They want to turn Florida into California 2.0. However, this isn’t working out so well for leftists.

PJ Media reports that Florida Democrats find it virtually impossible to run candidates for upcoming congressional elections.

Democrats in South Florida, especially in the Miami-Dade area, cannot find anyone to add to the ballots for this year’s races for congressional seats. The previously ballots candidates have since dropped out, thus leaving vacancies that may not get filled.

This news is right in keeping with the data showing Republicans now having the upper hand in voter registration. Likewise, Florida Democrats, with authoritarian policies, have managed to alienate many voters of Hispanic and Cuban descent.

As it turns out, the county of Miami-Dade has a solid majority of Hispanic and Cuban residents, many of whom are also Republicans.

All in all, the policies, priorities, and messages of the Democrat Party are being soundly rejected by Floridians. People are leaving other states to be in Florida. The last thing they want is Democrats remaking Florida into the states they previously fled from.

This year, Florida also has a gubernatorial election coming up. Governor DeSantis has already announced his candidacy for a second term. He’s in the race with massive leads over Democrat challengers like Nikki Fried, Charlie Crist, etc. Moreover, he’s got much more cash on hand than any of the aforementioned Florida Democrats.

In the Florida Governor’s election, things were going so poorly for Democrats that the Democratic Governors Association came out in 2021 and stated it wouldn’t be pouring significant funds into leftists looking to get into the governor’s mansion.

The Democrats are fighting a losing battle when it comes to Florida.