Florida Democrat Nikki Fried Makes An Outright Fool Of Herself

To say that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is doing well as a leader. DeSantis has become a household name for refusing to allow government bureaucracy and left-wing authoritarianism to call the shots in the state he’s responsible for running.

DeSantis has worked hand in hand with the Florida state legislature, thereby successfully getting laws on the books to protect Floridians from heavy-handed medical mandates.

Since the DeSantis administration’s inception, more people have moved to Florida. The state recently revealed more Republican voters registered than Democrat voters.

However, there are still some Democrats who are eager to unseat DeSantis during the Florida 2022 gubernatorial election. Nikki Fried, one of these Democrats, recently made an absolute fool of herself, as documented by Twitchy.

Over the weekend, Fried posted a selfie on Twitter, vowing to “dominate” Governor DeSantis in North Florida and South Florida.

Fried is curious to make such an assertion, seeing as DeSantis leads her massively in the polls. Furthermore, more Floridians are likely to vote for DeSantis than for Fried, judging by the state’s voter rolls.

In her message where she vowed to “dominate” DeSantis, Fried didn’t explain how or why she believed this would happen. However, the selfie in the tweet showed her outside, without a face mask, and having a good time.

Twitter users had some things to say about this, and it’s likely not what Fried was anticipating. The wanna-be Florida governor then responded to critical posts by reading all Twitter responses. Then, she posted a link and asked people to donate to her gubernatorial campaign.

The press secretary to Governor DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, opined that Fried was embarrassing herself by coming off as very aloof and condescending.

Despite what Nikki Fried would like to believe, she does not have a snowball’s chance of unseating DeSantis. DeSantis’ leadership has attracted increasing numbers of Republican voters casting their ballots for his re-election next year.
Putting Fried (or any other Democrat, for that matter) into the Florida governor’s mansion would ruin a great state and cause it to become New York 2.0. The people of Florida are more intelligent than that.

Floridians are also overwhelmingly supportive of DeSantis and eager to see him get another term as governor.