Florida Democrat Charlie Crist Embarrasses Himself Big Time

Over the past few years, the state of Florida has gotten increasingly redder. The reddening of Florida also coincides with growing numbers of Americans choosing to move to the Sunshine State.

When Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ran for his current seat in 2018, Democrat voters outnumbered Republicans to the tune of over 200,000. However, as DeSantis approaches re-election time, GOP voters in Florida now outnumber Democrat voters in the state.

At this point, it’s undeniable DeSantis will have a smooth course to win 2022’s gubernatorial election in the state. Even the Democratic Governors Association announced it would not be spending substantial amounts of money to support Democrats looking to oust DeSantis.

Yet, despite this, Florida Democrat Charlie Crist just embarrassed himself in an attempt to get a hit in towards DeSantis, according to Twitchy.

On Monday, Crist posted a meme where one man sits on the left side of the train looking sad and staring at gloomy weather. Then, on the right side of the train, the meme has another man beaming at the bright sunshine and mountains.

Above the sad man, the meme reads, “Floridians with Ron DeSantis as governor.” Above the happy man are the words, “Floridians with Charlie Crist as governor.” Crist attempted to slam DeSantis. However, it didn’t go over so well.

Christina Pushaw, the press secretary of the Florida governor, pointed out that Florida doesn’t have mountains. Other observers pointed this out too and noted the Florida Democrat’s shared meme is more in keeping with California.

Florida Democrats have made it very clear they want DeSantis out of the governor’s mansion. They’re livid over the fact that Florida isn’t like California 2.0 or New York 2.0. It is precisely the vision Democrats have for the Sunshine State.

Nevertheless, it just isn’t going to happen. The Florida governor is leading all his opponents aside from the Democratic Governors Association, essentially announcing they won’t be backing any left-wing candidates who challenge DeSantis next year.

Every single Democrat seeking to challenge DeSantis is trailing him by a good amount of points in the poll. In and of itself, it indicates that Floridians are happy with DeSantis as governor, no matter how many memes Charlie Crist tweets out.

When you add these details that there are now more Republican voters than Democrat voters in the Sunshine State, the writing is on the wall. If Crist wants to be governor, he should consider a blue state, like Oregon, California, or New York.