Family Of Harassed Young NFL Fan Is Native American

If anyone thought the saga of a Deadspin writer targeting a five-year-old NFL fan on “racism” charges could not get more embarrassing, stay tuned. It turns out the child and his family are of genuine Native American heritage.

The online leftist rag did everything but call for canceling the child for wearing a Native American headdress and face paint. He donned the colors of his beloved Kansas City Chiefs, which is a high crime in the liberal mind of the writer.

As mothers do, his mom rushed to his defense. She revealed the family is part of the Chumash Tribe in Southern California.

The boy’s grandfather is a member of the tribe’s governing board.

This cannot be welcome news to writer Carron (rhymes with Karen) Phillips. He already shut down the comments section on his X, formerly Twitter, account, undoubtedly to avoid the stampede of criticism against his diatribe targeting a small child.

The little NFL fan, identified as Holden Armenta, was shown on national television decked out in gear supporting his favorite team. To add to the horror, the tot was doing the tomahawk chop.

His age didn’t matter to Phillips, who skewered the boy and his partners in an article following the game. “It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and Native Americans.”

He added that the boy’s attire and face paint were “racist” and “disrespectful.” The accompanying article only showed the black side of the child’s face in an obvious attempt to spark outrage.

This is only par for the course for Deadspin. The website is notorious for throwing fuel on racial fires at every turn and even more often creating one where there is none. Everything in the sports entertainment world must be filtered through race for this outlet.

Sports can no longer be for mere enjoyment anymore than history can be appreciated for what it is. Instead, Deadspin applies a version of Critical Race Theory to the sporting world.

After Sunday’s game, Carron Phillips abandoned one of the most fundamental precepts of journalism. He did not take even a moment to check the facts before racing headlong into a hit piece.

And his target was a five-year-old boy. Despicable.