Esteemed Professor Cites ‘Woke Takeover’ As Cause For His Early Retirement

Although former anthropology professor Joseph Manson had tenure at the University of California in Los Angeles, he recently gave up his job security and opted to retire early.

The reason, he wrote in a blog post earlier this month, stems from what he called the “Woke takeover of higher education,” which he determined “has ruined academic life.”


Among the examples he cited in his statement was the backlash against another anthropologist at the university who conducted an in-depth study of statistics in an effort to help police predict and prepare for upticks in urban crime. Critics say P. Jeffrey Brantingham’s work served to perpetuate “the criminalization of Blackness in the United States.”

Although Brantingham wasn’t fired, Manson determined that his former colleague had effectively been “unpersoned” and was relegated to second-class status on campus.

The blog post went on to describe the “elaborately choreographed routines” at UCLA and other universities by which administrators cite student protests as a “pretext” for “enacting policies that they wanted to enact anyway.”

As a result of the disingenuous identity politics that have overtaken college campuses across the country, Manson declared that “higher education is morally and intellectually corrupt, beyond the possibility of self-repair, and therefore no longer a worthwhile setting” for him to devote his “time and effort.”

The now-retired professor also accused some faculty members at the university of harboring intolerant views toward Jews and other groups. Of course, UCLA spokesperson Bill Kisliuk dismissed those claims in a statement that followed Manson’s post.

“We actively encourage respectful debate, but we also expect equity and fairness, even when people strongly disagree,” Kisliuk said. “We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment and, to that end, UCLA strongly condemns anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred.”

Manson is just the latest professor to express serious concerns about the impact of “woke” policies on college campuses.


It is also clearly an issue in other areas of American life, including law enforcement. As a recent example, the entire police force of Kenly, North Carolina reportedly turned in their resignations after the city appointed a “progressive” manager.

Josh Gibson, the former chief, wrote: “I have put in my 2 weeks notice along with the whole police dept. The new manager has created an environment [in which] I do not feel we can perform our duties and services to the community.”