Elon Musk Has A ‘Vital Warning’ For All Americans

Most Americans know Elon Musk as SpaceX, Tesla, etc. However, over the past several months, Musk has become increasingly outspoken in the realm of politics.

Musk has gone toe-to-toe with far-left Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders within this timeframe. Both Warren and Sanders went after the SpaceX CEO over matters regarding taxes and wealthy folks “paying their fair share.”

Aside from sparring with Democrats via Twitter, Musk has been increasingly outspoken about the damage of far-left policies. The Tesla CEO, for instance, claimed that Biden is beholden to unions, therefore explaining why he’s left out Tesla on important meetings about electric vehicles.

Now, Elon Musk is back again with another warning that all Americans should heed, according to Fox Business.

On Twitter, Musk pointed out that the United States national debt currently stands at about $60 trillion. To this end, Musk declared that something has to give to the levels of spending by the federal government.

Musk’s warning about the fiscal matters facing America comes at a very critical juncture. Currently, inflation is very high, generating the worst impacts for economically vulnerable Americans.

Meanwhile, the businesses have to raise fees for consumers as labor, inventory, packaging, and other expenses go up. If businesses were not raising rates, they wouldn’t even be able to remain open, something that would cause real problems for communities across the United States.

The significance of a collective $60 trillion in debt is scary. However, what’s even scarier is that if Biden had his way, America’s deficit would be even higher. Had Biden been able to pass the Build Back Better Act, the national debt would have undergone at least a 24% surge within a ten-year timeframe.

Contrary to talking points from the president and his handlers, the federal government can’t spend its way out of a rising deficit, inflation, or lower consumer confidence levels.

What’s necessary for these issues to subside is for the federal government to decrease its spending levels.

Elon Musk is right. Something does have to give. Democrats have made it apparent that they have no intention of modifying their policies or doing anything to address the country’s numerous economic challenges.

Therefore, the thing to give will likely be the majority Democrats have enjoyed in the Senate and the House of Representatives.