Elite NYC Private Schools Mandate ‘Woke Training’ For Parents

At least five elite New York City private schools now mandate that parents of prospective students receive “woke training” as a condition of admission. A new report from the New York Post identifies the training curriculum as including training in diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as “anti-racism.”

The Brearley School is one of the schools detailed in the report. The exclusive all-girls school in Manhattan tells parents in its student application that parents must attend at least two “diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism (DEIA) workshops” every school year their children are enrolled.

Parents seeking admission for their children to the school are also forced to write 500-word essays that demonstrate their sworn allegiance to anti-racism. If their child is accepted to the school, parents must sign a solemn oath of support for diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

The pledge reads in part that parents will identify and eliminate “policies, practices and beliefs that uphold racial inequality in our community.”

The city’s Chapin School conducted a conference earlier this month for prospective parents to understand more about the school’s “ongoing commitment to equity & inclusion, including our newest community-wide initiatives.”

One parent told the Post that Chapin School takes attendance at the conference and a member of the admissions office makes it a point to keep track of the parents who actually attend. Failure to attend means “your child is not going to go very far in the admission process.”

Another parent told the outlet that she was lectured by school officials after her son said boys are more physically capable to play sports than girls at school. She said she was told that her son must “better understand the values of inclusion” and that she must “be clear” with her son about what is expected from him when he arrives at school.

Grace Church High School requires all students to sign a formal oath that commits them to “interrupt biases” and fight against “racial propaganda.”

Spence School hosted a “Courageous Conversation equity workshop” for parents that was organized by a consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Horace Mann School hosts a “family learning session” that describes and praises the work of author Robin DiAngelo, who wrote the book “White Fragility.” A school spokesperson said that the workshop was intended to teach parents about things they might be hearing from their children. The program was described by the school as “completely voluntary.”