Election Overturned Due to Fraud

Election fraud in California led to criminal charges of bribery and fraud.Two-term councilman Isaac Galvan was initially elected to city council, but it was determined that four ballots were from different council districts.

Andre Spicer initially lost by 1 point (855-854) until the ballots were discovered. After they were removed, Spicer beat Galvan at 854 to 851.

While it’s not clear when Spicer will take office, he said he was “elated” by the judges decision to overturn the June 2021 runoff election.

Charges were filed against Galvan in August 2021 after it was discovered that he conspired with Jace Dawson to direct voters to cast a ballot for Galvan outside of their district. Galvan is also accused of trying to bribe an election official with concert tickets. The official reported the attempt immediately.

Dawson, Kimberly Chaouch, Toni Sanae Morris, Barry Kirk Reed and Reginald Orlando Streeter are charged with two counts each of conspiracy to commit election fraud. Court documents revealed that Chaouch, Morris, Streeter, and Jordan Farr Jefferson lived outside of the district when they voted for Spicer and a recorded phone call of Chaouch admitting to the election fraud was presented in court.

On the phone call, Chaouch said, “There’s a couple more that are using his personal address as well. Jace is the only person that lives there.”

Spicer told the Los Angeles Times that Chaouch told him about the fraud and was later hired on Galvan’s campaign team. Chaouch told Spicer that Galvan said “they were doing this to stop the long-standing corruption that would only continue if Andre Spicer were to be elected,” according to the judge’s ruling.

Galvan has been on city council since 2013 and has been involved in several investigations over the years. One investigation resulted in a search warrant being served on Galvan’s home related to marijuana licensing practices in Baldwin Park. A Baldwin Park police officer signed sworn affidavits about complaints that were reported from three marijuana dispensaries that included “questionable business practices, which included paying as much as $250,000 cash in a brown paper bag to city officials.”

Galvan denied the claim and said it didn’t have anything to do with his work in Compton but didn’t answer questions about any business dealings with marijuana dispensaries in Baldwin Park.