Economists Have Debunked Biden’s Inflation Claims

The White House’s claims about inflation do not track with reality. As of late, Biden and his officials are claiming that inflation is the result of the war in Ukraine. But this is clearly not the case.

The timeline of inflation goes back months before Ukraine was ever under attack. This isn’t the first lie this president has told about inflation, either.

Previous claims from the White House about inflation stated that it wasn’t going to occur, that it was “transitory,” and then just a “high-class” issue.

Just as none of these lies panned out, the truth of just how much Biden’s actions have led to inflation is also being revealed. According to the Washington Free Beacon, a new economic study reveals that Biden’s hand in inflation is much deeper than he wants to admit.

The Truth About Biden’s Role in Inflation

A new study by San Francisco’s Federal Reserve Bank has shown a rise in America’s core Consumer Price Index since the passage of the American Rescue Plan.

This is the very same plan that Biden and Democrats said would help the economy. Instead, the American Rescue Plan made several aspects of the economy worse, and everyday folks today are facing the consequences.

In 2021, Biden’s economic policies led to an inflation rise of about 3%. Once again, this took place well before Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

What’s most unfortunate about this is that Biden was warned by Democratic strategists and economists about the danger of running up the national debt. Biden, of course, didn’t listen. During this year alone, the president has even pushed to run up the deficit even more by asking Congress to approve another COVID spending bill.

Holding Biden Accountable

At this time, it is deeply imperative for the American public to hold Biden accountable for the harm he caused to the economy.

Because this president was repeatedly warned by officials on his side of the aisle, there’s no way he can claim to have not known or made a mistake with good intentions.

This November will provide the perfect opportunity for Americans to hold Biden accountable and make sure he can no longer count on his party controlling Congress.

If this president’s party is able to hold onto congressional powers, nothing in this country will change for the better. The economy will get worse and the White House will just gaslight the country to cover its tracks.