Doocy Drills Psaki on Harris’ Ability to Control the Southern Border

President Joe Biden’s administration knows that they can’t cover for Biden anymore and are now covering for Vice President Kamala Harris. You would think that because Biden is doing such a terrible job, Harris would look like a superstar but that’s not the case.

Thankfully, Fox News White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy, is questioning Harris’ ability to lead the country. Harris has obviously failed the United States by refusing to do anything about the southern border and Doocy blasts Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the issue.

Doocy asked, “Does the president still have confidence that the Vice President can get to the bottom of root causes of migration?”

Psaki responded, “He absolutely does, and is grateful for her work in doing exactly that.”

Doocy, likely confused and curious, asked “why?”

Psaki responds, “Why does he have confidence? Should I give you an update on a couple of the things we’ve done?”

With illegal immigrants encounters up 28% in March 2022 compared to March 2021 and a 33% increase from February, there’s not much confidence that should be given to Harris. This is a slow pour of illegal immigration that’s increasing each month and leaving little confidence in Harris’ ability to control it.

Harris visited several Latin American countries to give speeches about migrants not coming to the U.S. So far, that has proven unsuccessful and was a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

Psaki explained what Harris has done, “You asked me about root causes, so let me address that first and what the vice president and other members of the administration have been working with and have been doing. We’ve been working with source and transit countries in the region to facilitate the quick return of individuals that have resided in those countries as well as to stem migration in its states. Some of that is getting agreements with partner countries on migrant-related matters and that is something that the vice president has been deeply engaged with.”

The phrase “deeply engages” is making the assumption that things are actually happening. It’s been 1 year and 1 month since Biden announced Harris was the “border czar” and the illegal immigration problem is getting much worse every month. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

Psaki continued, “What addressing root causes means is working with countries in the region to take steps to have partnership, be able to have people sent back to the region as needed.”

The key phrase you should latch onto is “as needed.”

Biden’s administration doesn’t seem to feel that any illegal immigrant needs to be removed from the country because they aren’t doing anything to keep them out. The only thing that’s keeping the immigration crisis at bay right now is Title 42, which is ending soon.

When asked about Title 42, Psaki responded, “Title 42 is not an immigration authority – I will get to answer your question, I promise, Pete – it is a public health authority. Congress gave the CDC authority to make determinations about when it should be lifted. Right now, we are planning and preparing for the end of Title 42 enforcement on May 23. But I would say there is a range, the president agrees that immigration in our country is broken. It’s a system that is broken.”

She’s not entirely wrong. Title 42 isn’t an immigration policy and was never meant to be permanent. Congressional Republicans, with some Democrat support, are proposing legislation that would delay the end of Title 42 and force The Biden administration to replace it with stronger immigration enforcement.