Dollar Tree Manager Fired After Posting Controversial ‘Help Wanted’ Sign Bashing Generation Z

An obviously frustrated manager of an Indiana Dollar Tree store has been fired after posting a rather unusual and controversial ‘help wanted’ sign in the window of his store, calling out his Gen Z workers for their work ethic.

“I apologize for us closing AGAIN,” the former manager wrote, underlining the last word several times.

“My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift,” he added. “Don’t hire Gen-Z’s they don’t know what work actually means. Now Hiring! Baby Boomers only thanks!”

Images of the controversial sign were posted to social media, where they immediately went viral.

The Dollar Tree company released a statement responding to the controversy over the sign, saying that it had never been approved.

“We are aware that an unauthorized sign was posted at our store for a brief period of time. The handwritten message was absolutely not approved by or condoned by our Company,” said Randy Guiler of Dollar Tree, Inc., in the statement to local news outlet WNDU-TV.

The manager who posted the sign is no longer employed by Dollar Tree.

Companies are reportedly finding it more and more difficult to find employees as the job market has tightened significantly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Many economists have referred to the phenomenon as “The Great Resignation,” even as President Joe Biden has attempted to take credit for the drop in the unemployment rate.

“Our economy added 7.9 million jobs since I took office—more jobs created on average per month than under any other president in history,” Biden claimed in a tweet. “That’s millions of families with a little more breathing room and the dignity a job provides.”

Some estimates show that there are two job openings for every unemployed American.