Disgraced Former New York Governor Facing Imminent Arrest

Months ago, Andrew Cuomo stepped down from his position as the governor of New York. Cuomo’s resignation came amid multiple allegations of physical misconduct from various women he worked with. 

At first, Cuomo came out and professed his innocence. The soon-to-be ex-governor declared he never sought to engage in a manner that made others physically uncomfortable. Cuomo also failed to issue an apology to any of his numerous female accusers. 

When Cuomo stepped down as the governor of New York, he likely believed he could drift off into the sunset. However, he’s learned this isn’t the case. PJ Media has confirmed Cuomo can expect to be arrested for a misdemeanor charge as early as this upcoming week. 

Cuomo’s misdemeanor charge entails forcible touching. Amid news of the charge earlier this week, New York Attorney General Letitia James stated it aligns with her office’s investigation into the former governor. 

James furthermore declared her investigation shows Cuomo broke a series of federal and state laws. It’s unclear whether the former New York governor will face additional charges for the other crimes he’s suspected of committing.

The lawyer representing Cuomo maintains his innocence. Cuomo himself previously claimed the physical harassment allegations against him are politically motivated, but the facts don’t seem to bear this out. 

New York’s attorney general is a Democrat, just like Cuomo. Her office still determined the former governor committed a series of crimes. Perhaps, Cuomo believed a probe led by Democrats would ultimately lead to him being let off the hook. The disgraced ex-governor was wrong. 

Accusations of inappropriate behavior with women are far from Cuomo’s first brush with a severe public scandal. Earlier this year, the New York Democrat came under fire for nursing home deaths that happened on his watch. 

These deaths could have been prevented by Cuomo not ordering people who tested positive for COVID into nursing homes. However, the former governor’s decision to combine COVID-infected persons with nursing home residents led to the latter’s deaths. 

When the nursing home deaths started piling up, Cuomo sought to hide this from the public altogether. Not once did he choose to be forthcoming and admit to New Yorkers what happened. 

In the case of Cuomo’s misdemeanor charge, his chickens have indeed come home to roost. There will undoubtedly be many more chapters of this saga following Cuomo’s arrest next week.