DHS is Restarting the Border Wall to Close ‘Gaps’

President Joe Biden’s administration, understanding that they’re losing, have decided to restart the border wall. The Department of Homeland Security announced that they’re going to restart limited border wall construction to close “gaps” in Arizona.

When Biden took office and halted the construction on the border wall there were many gaps left in Arizona that needed attention. The areas include construction near Friendship Circle to replace eroding fences that have been caused by the Pacific Ocean.

Restarting the wall is yet another lie that Biden told during his campaign. Biden previously said, “there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration, No. 1” and “I’m going to make sure that we have border protection, but it’s going to be based on making sure that we use high-tech capacity to deal with it. And at the ports of entry – that’s where all the bad stuff is happening.” All of it was lies, but we’ll let this one slide if progress is being made.

This move comes after an entire year of record breaking border crossings and many calls to fix the problem from both the Democrat and Republican party. While it’s unlikely that Biden will accomplish anything close to what former President Donald Trump was able to accomplish (450 miles), at least this might cure some of the chaos and return the United States to normalcy.

Mayorkas has agreed to fix 11 out of the dozens of holes in Yuma, Arizona that local officials have requested he fix.

The most likely reason that Democrats are trying to fix major issues is because of the 2022 midterm elections. They know that there’s a red wave coming and if they don’t act on some of the problems they face then it’s likely going to be worse than they anticipate.

Then you have to ask yourself why Arizona? The Nevada Independent answered that question at the beginning of May. “Very little change in the trend established months ago, with four times as many Dems switching to GOP in May as vice-versa. The numbers are relatively small – still in the hundreds. But more Dems also are fleeing their party and registering as indies, too, by close to 2-to-1.”

Arizona isn’t the only state that’s seeing massive party switches and if Mayorkas can fix some of the problem then there’s a possibility that the Democrat party will gain some of their voters back.