DeSantis Touts Policies And Successes Since Taking Office At National Conservatism Conference

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.) took to the stage at the National Conservatism Conference (NCC) and overviewed some of his big major wins since taking office including a $22 billion surplus, his Covid response, and his rejection of the “elites” in the media and federal government.

Gov. DeSantis does not seem worried about the Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist. Listening to his speech just a couple of months prior to election day, it sounds more like he is giving a “State of the Union” address rather than a campaign speech.

He celebrated his wins as Governor, described the fact that Florida Republicans outnumber Florida Democrats by 271,000, and hit home the idea that Florida operated based on the convictions of Floridians rather than cow-tailing to the media or Federal government.

If Gov. DeSantis is feeling any pressure or concern with the upcoming Gubernatorial election, he did not show it at the NCC. It was more like a victory lap and a chance to talk about his own wins in the state of Florida than a chance to campaign against Crist.

On top of that, it was revealed by Politico that, “DeSantis earlier this month shifted $2.5 million from his political committee to the Florida Republican Senatorial Committee, the campaign arm controlled by incoming Senate President Kathleen Passidomo. It’s the single largest contribution recorded by the committee this cycle and since its creation back in 2014.”

He was even introduced as America’s “Future President” as can be seen in the Tweet below containing a video from the NCC.

DeSantis has been criticized by the national media, demonized by many on the left, and pressured by health and education officials nationwide. Through it all, DeSantis continues to grow in popularity in Florida and nationwide, most recently winning a straw poll against President Trump if they were to run against each other in the Primary.

DeSantis continues to stand up to the rest of the nation, relying on his own conservative principles no matter what is going on around him and it continues to serve him well.