DeSantis Gives Notice He Was Just Getting Started With Martha’s Vineyard

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gotten national Democrats bent out of shape over his decision to send a small group of illegal aliens released into the U.S. by Joe Biden’s open borders policies to liberal paradise Martha’s Vineyard. Now he is giving notice that he is just getting started.

During a Friday press conference, DeSantis discussed the effort the state undertook this week to put a spotlight on Biden’s border disaster. He chartered two planes carrying 48 illegal migrants to the municipal airport at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the highly affluent area where Barack Obama lives part-time in a multimillion-dollar estate.

The governor said that in “New York and D.C., they used to beat their chests when Trump was in office, saying they are sanctuary jurisdictions.” He noted that now that Texas began the process of sending a small number of the two million plus illegals who have crossed the southern border this year northward, the liberal Democrats have gone into full emergency mode.

“We got an infrastructure in place now, there is going to be a lot more that’s happening.” DeSantis said.

He said that he intends to use “every penny” of the $12 million the Florida state legislature allocated to relocate illegal migrants who arrived in Florida after illegally crossing the border.

Saying his plan is to keep “this issue on the front burner,” DeSantis added Florida would continue offering free transportation to migrants who wish to travel to “sanctuary jurisdictions.”

He also smashed the corporate media and Democrat narrative that the illegal migrants were being tricked or lied to about where they were going. Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom even issued a call this week for Biden’s Department of Justice to formally charge DeSantis with federal kidnapping.

DeSantis said that every migrant who was flown to Martha’s Vineyard signed forms acknowledging they wanted to travel to Massachusetts and were given travel packets including maps of the area before they were given the opportunity to board one of the planes.

DeSantis has joined Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona in sending a tiny fraction of the illegal migrants entering their states northward to Democrat-run sanctuary cities like D.C., New York City, and Chicago.