Denmark’s Gun Control Didn’t Prevent Its Latest Mass Shooting

Gun control restrictions are consistently promoted by the political left as measures that will save lives, ensure public safety, and namely prevent mass shootings. However, the facts don’t bear this out.

Back in May, Buffalo, New York was subjected to a terrible mass shooting. This happened despite all the heavy gun laws the state has on the books. In fact, the shooter’s online manifesto let it slip that these restrictions on firearms were why he targeted this community, to begin with.

Unfortunately, none of this is stopping the left from pushing for gun control. Now, yet another shooting has taken place in a community that’s known for heavy limits on firearms.

Mass Shooting in Denmark
In Copenhagen, Denmark, Field’s shopping mall was targeted by a mass shooter on Sunday. The weekend shooting resulted in multiple injuries and deaths, with law enforcement still piecing together the total number of casualties.

This tragedy happened despite all the tight gun rules that Denmark has on the books. For one thing, this country does not legally give anyone the right to own or carry firearms.

Denmark residents who want to have access to guns anyway first get a license from the government. Additional gun restrictions in the country include limits on ammunition purchases, the need to establish a “genuine” cause for owning a firearm, and gun registration mandates.

On top of this, Denmark even has laws on the books concerning how gun owners must store their weapons.

On Monday, Denmark law enforcement confirmed the mass shooter illegally got ahold of these firearms. Although, the weapons themselves were bought lawfully.

Online Gun Control Debates
Sunday’s tragic mass shooting has led to social media debates about whether gun control is effective or not. It’s been pointed out that in spite of all the firearms restrictions Denmark has on the books, the shooter still managed to unlawfully get a hold of a weapon.

Then, other social media users have suggested that if Denmark had even more gun limitations codified into law, the shopping mall shooting could have been avoided.

These debates about Denmark’s gun control laws also come amid controversies here in the states about the pros and cons of firearms restrictions.