Democrats Won’t Like This Feedback From The Washington Post

For quite some time, the Democrat Party has been living in a state of denial. They’ve been telling themselves their policies are well-appreciated by Americans. Yet, 71% of the country declared they believe the nation is on the wrong course in a recent poll.

Biden himself especially has a severe case of denial. The president continues to claim his administration and agenda are all about building back better. Yet, the country’s economy, national security, and public safety are threatened due to the policies this president supports.

Likewise, the 46th president declared he had a solid legal footing to implement nationwide COVID vaccine mandates for American workers. However, the Federal Appeals Court stopped this mandate with an injunction, declaring it at odds with constitutional and statutory affairs.

As polls and voters continue to turn against the Democrats, it is obvious what they’re doing is not wanted or popular. Now, the Washington Post has some feedback for Democrats to consider, as reported by PJ Media.

Historian Max Boot did not mince words when expressing what he views as the measures Democrats need to take to avoid losing elections in the future.

Boot declared that Biden will need to “risk” being honest with the American public by admitting COVID isn’t going anywhere, and a return to everyday life is now doable. This point came after the historian-turned-Washington-Post writer cited inflation (which increased by 6.2% last month) as a genuine problem for leftists.

Next, the Washington Post writer turned his attention to other matters he believes the Democrat Party needs to prioritize. These matters entail homelessness, public safety issues, and the adverse impacts of mask mandates and online classes for children.

Boot warned that things would not end well for Democrats if they continue to cavalierly write off these issues as nothing more than right-wing talking points. Finally, Boot declared “dramatic changes” are imperative for Democrats to hold onto Congress and the White House.

The most likely outcome is for Democrats to essentially ignore what Boot said and continue on their current course of action. At this time, leftists appear incapable of hearing anything that asserts a need to reconsider their behavior or strategies.

When things don’t go the way Democrats want them to, they double down and accuse the GOP of being racists. They aren’t learning from all the polls coming out, and they didn’t learn from Glenn Youngkin defeating Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.

Come 2022, and Republicans should have a smooth path to taking back the Senate and the House of Representatives.