Democrats’ Total Dislike Of Biden Has Been Officially Confirmed

Every poll to come out within the past several months has shown the 46th President falling in his approval ratings. By contrast, his disapproval rating continues to tank.

Per a new poll by Quinnipiac University, only 33% of the country approves of Biden’s job. Meanwhile, more than five out of ten Americans have the precise opposite perspective.

Biden is majorly in the doghouse with Republican voters and Independent voters. These Americans believe the 46th President is a divisive, polarizing leader. Republicans and Independents are also mainly able to see the plethora of ways that Biden’s broken his promises.

By far, Biden’s strongest levels of support exist within the Democrat Party. However, a Politico poll marks a modest decrease in left-wing support for the 46th President.

As it turns out, Democrats, and progressives especially, are irritated that Biden has yet to pass a series of climate change bills or make their student loan debt disappear. However, as reported by PJ Media, a new development on the political left shows just how much Democrats have grown tired of Biden.

There has been a fair amount of talk about Hillary Clinton making another run for the White House. It appears that this isn’t just empty talk, either. Clinton herself has been getting back into the limelight and speaking out about what she thinks is necessary for the Democrat Party to win midterms and future elections.

Meanwhile, polls in late 2021 showed a plurality of Democrat voters do not believe Biden should be their nominee. Therefore, there have been musings about whether or not Hillary Clinton could be the one to save the Democrats from getting destroyed during the 2024 presidential election.

For some time, Vice President Kamala Harris was viewed as the obvious choice to run in 2024 for Democrats if Biden doesn’t. However, with the vice president’s approval ratings being pretty much on par with Biden’s, Democrats have grown weary.

At this point, whether or not Biden chooses to make another bid for the White House is anyone’s guess. Towards the end of last year, Biden stated he would run for a second term if his health were in good standing.
Many Americans saw this as Biden giving himself a covert exit plan, should he choose not to run. Time will ultimately determine whether Democrats run Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or someone else entirely during the 2024 race.