Democrats Are Still Ignoring Virginia’s Election Message

Multiple elections happened in America on Tuesday. However, the Virginia governor’s election is the one that Democrats are especially seething over. 

The win of Republican Glenn Youngkin is a significant blow to leftists nationwide. Democrats have controlled Virginia for over one decade and believed they had this in the bag. It wasn’t until Youngkin began to overtake McAuliffe in the polls that Democrats began getting just a little nervous. 

As always, Democrats have missed the point of the Virginia election. Left-wing pundits, politicians, and voters are still falsely declaring this is about Republicans embracing white supremacy and whatnot. 

What Democrats are missing is the message of the Virginia election was a rejection of what they’re bringing to America, as PJ Media has pointed out.

Instead of pointing the finger and calling conservatives white supremacists, the Democrat Party needs to get real. Virginians didn’t like what Terry McAuliffe had to offer. Parents didn’t appreciate being told they should not chime in on what’s happening at their kids’ schools. 

Virginians didn’t like McAuliffe’s embrace of critical race theory or his declaration that America needs fewer white teachers. The people of Virginia didn’t want more of the same from the leftist status quo; therefore, they elected Glenn Youngkin as their governor. 

When you take hyper-emotionalism and delusion out of the conversation, this is what it ultimately boils down to. The failure of McAuliffe is a direct rebuke of what today’s Democrat Party has to offer. 

It’s a rejection of big government, medical mandates, infringements upon the Second Amendment, and more. McAuliffe’s political defeat rejected a president who had no issue mocking people who talk about freedom while attending a CNN town hall. 

It is time for Democrats to face the truth and accept the reality of their situation. 

At this point, it’s not looking like the mainstream Democrat Party will get the message anytime soon. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that the Virginia election went in Youngkin’s favor because McAuliffe was too moderate. 

Biden’s already saying McAuliffe came up short because congressional Democrats didn’t pass a social spending bill. Time and time again, Democrats refuse to ask themselves the hard questions and face reality. 

For this reason, Democrats will keep on losing elections in America, especially with the 2022 midterms coming. Quite frankly, it serves them right.