Democrats Still Licking Their Wounds Over Losing Virginia

Earlier this month, Virginia Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin pulled off what many Americans viewed as the impossible. Youngkin managed to win the state’s gubernatorial race, a feat not accomplished by a GOP member in over ten years.

Youngkin won the Virginia election despite leading Democrats pulling out all their cards to get Terry McAuliffe to serve another term as the governor of Virginia. As it turns out, McAuliffe’s policies and views that parents shouldn’t have control over their kids’ education buried his campaign.

Nevertheless, when Youngkin emerged victorious from the governor’s race, Democrats were astounded and irate. Now, they’re resorting to spreading new lies about the governor-elect of the commonwealth, as Red State documents.

A leftist website known as Blue Virginia shared (and later deleted) of Youngkin attending a prom event in 1985. The narrative here was that Youngkin is a racist and has been a racist for decades.

Blue Virginia then chastised Youngkin as his then-classmates for dressing up in “rice hats” and other attire linked to Asian culture. However, Blue Virginia couldn’t find Youngkin or his date wearing any of the aforementioned attire. By contrast, the couple was seen just wearing typical evening clothes one would wear to the prom.

Later, after realizing what a colossal failure this smear attempt was, Blue Virginia eventually removed the post from their website. However, this shows how desperate the left has become and how enraged they are over Youngkin defeating McAuliffe.

Blue Virginia is far from alone in pulling a stunt like this. During the commonwealth’s gubernatorial election, McAuliffe supporters sent people dressed up like the KKK to stand in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus. It served as yet another attempt to paint then-candidate Youngkin as a racist falsely.

These latest antics of Blue Virginia show that Democrats have still not learned their lessons. Democrats lost the commonwealth after more than one decade because of stunts like the one they tried to pull with Youngkin’s prom photos from 1985.

Virginians are sick of it. Other Americans are tired of these antics also. Whenever Democrats are losing or not getting their way, they smear their opponents as racist. It is not only untrue, but it’s also redundant.

These continuous smears and character assassination attempts wreak desperation from leftists and Democrats’ knowledge that they are quickly losing power in this country.