Democrats Are Embracing ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

Let’s Go Brandon is the movement cannot be stopped. This clean way for Americans to announce their dissatisfaction with the current president of the United States won’t be fading off anytime soon. 

Biden supporters and the mainstream media have been some of the most outspoken critics of Americans saying Let’s Go, Brandon. Left-wing media pundits nearly lost their minds when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tipped his hat to Let’s Go Brandon by referencing the White House as “the Brandon administration.” 

Members of Congress, people attending sporting events, and many others have made Let’s Go Brandon increasingly relevant. Now, in a fascinating plot twist, a report from National Review indicates even some Democrats may be starting to embrace Let’s Go Brandon.

The White House and mainstream media would love for the nation to believe the only folks who dislike President Biden are hardcore Trump voters, staunch right-wingers, etc. However, the facts continue to prove otherwise. 

As of late, polls have shown Independent voters, swing voters, and minority voters are increasingly disapproving of the current president. Furthermore, in a recent interview, a campaign aide who works for Democrats declared he’ll be ready to begin saying Let’s Go, Brandon, if Biden doesn’t save him from having to pay his student loan debt. 

Student loan debt has been a source of contention for Biden for some time. Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have declared Biden has it within his power to end all student loan debt via executive order. 

However, despite the regularity of these claims, they lack accuracy. Biden, even as the president, does not have the power to forgive student loan debt magically. Months ago, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a staunch Biden ally, admitted the 46th president can only postpone debt payment due dates but cannot erase these debts altogether. 

At this point in Biden’s presidency, less than one year in, he’s getting hit from both sides. Democrats want the president to take more action and implement measures such as ending student loan debt.

Meanwhile, Republicans and a growing number of Independents and swing voters are sick of this radical communist plan the Biden administration is trying to make the land law. 

It speaks volumes that the 46th president’s term has managed to be such a disaster when it’s not even 25% over. The one silver lining in all of this is that Republicans are almost sure to retake both chambers of Congress in 2022 and then fire Biden in 2024.