Democrats Slander Younger Republicans as 2024 Panic Builds

Desperation is setting in for Democrats as their leader settles in as the earliest lameduck president in history. But while former President Donald Trump continues to be a favorite target, the sinking party and its media allies are also targeting other Republicans for their smear campaign.

Take Howard Dean, former Democratic National Committee chairman. On MSNBC this week he aimed his vitriol at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by labeling him a “fascist” who is “much scarier” than Trump.

Dean, known back when he was relevant for unhinged rants and occasional screaming, declared his fear of younger and more frightening potential GOP candidates. The ultra-MAGA slogan was dead on arrival, so now we must fear the young conservatives.

The armchair psychologist declared the former president is “too narcissistic and ill” to be a good fascist. Whatever that means.

This is the same Howard Dean who called DeSantis a lunatic over Florida’s handling of COVID-19. The former DNC chair, of all people, charged the governor was “completely out of touch with reality.”

Then there’s Washington Post columnist Max Boot. Not only did he deem DeSantis as a “bigger threat to the Republic” than the former president, but he compared the Florida governor to the “unpleasant” Richard Nixon. With a pinch of McCarthyism thrown in.

What Boot finds so threatening about DeSantis is what he described as his “intense work ethic, extreme intelligence, and granular understanding of policy.”

Are those now negative traits in the Washington Post’s world?

Boot rattled off DeSantis’ work against grooming children, critical race theory, illegal migrants and woke corporations as if those are bad things. Was his Post op-ed a hit piece or a stealth campaign ad?

The writing slammed the Florida governor for banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to kids from kindergarten to third grade. And horrors, he threatened to investigate parents who take their kids to drag shows.

Dean and Boot are nearly comical with their attempts to demonize popular younger Republicans. For what Nixon called the “Silent Majority,” the traits listed are to be admired and, of course, voted for. Somewhere an honest Democrat must be thinking “with friends like these…”