Democrats Say Florida Race Is ‘Over’

Democrats have reportedly thrown in the towel in Florida less than two weeks before Election Day, as the traditionally “purple” state has been transformed from a swing state to solid GOP territory during the first term of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

A new report published by Politico indicates the Democratic Party no longer believes its candidates can be competitive this year in the Sunshine State.

The report shows support from the Democratic Governors Association in Florida has fallen from $14 million in 2014 and 2018 to only $685,000 this year. New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg pledged $100 million to fight DeSantis in 2020 but has only sent $1.5 million this year.

Traditionally deep-blue Miami-Dade County is turning more toward Republicans according to polling this year. For the four statewide non-federal elections taking place next month, Republicans have out-raised Democrats, $200 million to $29 million.

DeSantis was locked in a tight race in 2018 against Democrat Andrew Gillum and eventually won the election by less than half a percentage point. Gillum is now facing 21 felony counts, all brought against him since the election.

Donald Trump carried Florida in the 2016 presidential race by 1.2% and in 2020 by 3.3%.

Politico’s report also noted that the longstanding advantage Democrats have held in Florida in registered voters has disappeared and turned in the other direction. Republicans now have over 300,000 more registered voters than Democrats.

Longtime Democratic consultant Matthew Van Name said after attending a sparsely attended campaign event in Miami that “2022 is one of the most uncomfortable and segmented cycles I’ve seen.”

The growth in Republican power in Florida has mirrored the success DeSantis has seen during his first term. One recent survey shows that he has the highest net approval rating of any major American politician.

Florida Democratic consultant Evan Ross told Politico that he now thinks DeSantis will even win in Miami-Dade County. He added that voters are “not at all excited or motivated” by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

Ross said that the only way Crist might have any chance of winning the election this year would be with “DeSantis aggressively campaigning for him over the next two weeks.”

“Translation: It’s over, and it’s going to be ugly,” Ross concluded.

The latest polling average reported by RealClearPolitics shows DeSantis leads Crist by 11.2 percentage points, 52.2% to 41%.