Democrats Stay Fixated With Painting Political Adversaries As Hoodlums

If there’s one thing the Democrat Party is good at, it’s projection. The political left has a habit of accusing conservatives of what leftists themselves are doing. 

There are too many examples to cite. However, the best example deals with Democrats constantly calling Republicans and conservatives fascists. 

The same side that claims the right is fascist is the side pushing COVID vaccine mandates and saying people should lose their livelihoods if they don’t let the government determine their medical decisions. There’s nothing more fascist than that; yet, Democrats have missed the irony. 

Democrats aren’t just going after first responders and essential workers. As The Federalist points out, Democrats have turned parents and anyone else who disagrees with the left into a target.

Ultimately, the left’s assertion that anyone who disagrees with them is a terrorist or criminal is rooted in control. Democrats want to force Republicans and every other non-leftist into submission via character assassination and even the weaponization of the legal system. 

It explains why the Justice Department under the Biden administration has gone after parents who let school boards know when they disagree with the lessons being taught to their children. It’s also why Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe stated parents should let “experts” choose books for their kids. 

Unfortunately, the Justice Department’s war on parents is only the beginning. For months, Democrats at every level have gone after Republicans who passed basic, commonsense voter integrity laws. 

The left wrongly claimed anyone backing election security is racist and opposed to minorities participating in U.S. elections. Biden even sent the Justice Department after Georgia and other states that passed laws to promote voter integrity. 

When it comes to Democrats’ attempts to demonize and take down anyone who disagrees with them, there are no laws they won’t stoop to. 

Republicans must hold the line and refuse to bow to the left at this point in the nation. Democrats know their ideas are terrible and unpopular. It is why they repeatedly resort to straw-manning and attacking their political opponents. 

Democrats cannot compete in the court of ideas. It is made clear how much of the country currently disapproves of the current trajectory America is on, despite leftists controlling the federal government. 

In the end, Republicans have better ideas, policies, and candidates. Conservatives must continue to hold the line in America and fight for what’s right.