Democrats Play Their Final Card Ahead Of The November Midterms

The Democrat Party has been crashing and burning for quite some time now. Most recently, they’ve witnessed Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates for big businesses and federal workers be promptly overturned by the courts.

Meanwhile, Democrats lost control of Virginia after dominating the commonwealth for over a decade. That’s not to mention recently released data from 2021 that shows a newfound spike in support for the GOP over the Democrat Party.

Leftists are also failing in the halls of Congress as well. Democrats have been desperate to pass yet another spending bill and various elections-related pieces of legislation. When it became apparent, they didn’t have the vote to get these bills passed, and Democrats tried to nuke the filibuster.

The attack against the filibuster also failed, therefore putting Democrats back at square one. As various Democrat-led attempts to seek power crumble, the left is playing the final card it has left ahead of the November congressional races, as American Thinker points out.

This past Wednesday, during a two-hour-long press conference, Biden intentionally cast doubt onto the integrity of the upcoming midterm elections.

To be clear, Biden declared the legitimacy of these races would directly correlate with whether or not Democrats can pass failed elections bills that lack the votes to make it out of the Senate.

Meanwhile, Biden and other Democrats have gone berserk over the past year, criticizing anyone who dares to raise questions about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The same President who declared it was “dangerous” not to accept the outcome of an election is now doing precisely that.

After this type of rhetoric, Biden faced pushback from the political right and some leftist media figures. CNN commentators like Jake Tapper and Dana Bash talked about the “jarring” nature of hearing his question about the outcome of US elections.

Despite the hypocritical nature of what Biden is doing, it is not hard to understand his reasoning.

Like the rest of the nation, Biden knows that Democrats are well-positioned to lose the midterms. About a dozen Democrats in the House of Representatives have already confirmed they’re not running for re-election.

Meanwhile, redistricting favors Republicans, as do Biden’s net negative ratings in most states across the country. Democrats, despite their monopolistic power in the federal government, have done absolutely nothing to show the nation why they should continue to control Congress.

Therefore, the only recourse Biden has left is to try to raise doubts about the inevitable GOP victories coming in November.