Democrats On The Fast Track To Losing The Senate

The closer the country gets to the midterm elections, the worse and worse things look for Democrats. For a while, the party was counting on the reversal of Roe v. Wade to ensure a victory. Yet, growing economic issues are overpowering the issue of abortion.

Democratic candidates are individually being ripped to shreds in states that will determine the Senate’s power balance. More Americans are being able to see the danger of left-wing policies and the harm that will follow if Democrats aren’t voted out of power.

Two states where this is more than evident are Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Red Wave Rising
In Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman is battling against GOP candidate Mehmet Oz to represent the state in the Senate. Fetterman once had a multi-point lead over Oz. However, amid the Democrat’s scandals involving his health and crime policies, Fetterman’s lead over his GOP opponent now looks to be a tie.

In Wisconsin, Democrat Mandela Barnes is in a similar boat. Barnes is running to oust incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). Similarly to Fetterman, Barnes’ track record on crime isn’t the best, with 44% of Wisconsin residents writing him off as too radical.

Currently, Johnson is now leading Barnes in the polls. Oz will likely pull ahead of Fetterman as well if things in Pennsylvania continue as they have been.

Both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are crucial battleground states in next month’s midterms. They’ll definitely play a role in whether or not Republicans manage to win back the Senate.

Running Defense For Biden
Across the nation, the president is deeply unpopular. Yet, this isn’t stopping Democrats from running on platforms that defend Biden and how he’s led the country thus far.

In Fetterman’s case, he even recently declared the current economy to be on an “upswing.” Though the ongoing recession, declining consumer confidence levels, and inflation tell a very different story.

The bottom line is that Democrats (from Biden on down) have shown they’re not willing to prioritize the policies that put American interests first.

In spite of this, Democrats still want to be kept in power so they can continue the policies that have dragged the country into its current predicament.

If Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are any indications, Americans are waking up and increasingly rejecting left-wing extremism.