Democrats Now ‘Butting Heads’ Over COVID Restrictions

Since 2020, the Democrat Party has been the party in solid support of shutdowns, mask mandates, travel restrictions, vaccine mandates, business closures, school closures, etc. Democrats have likewise fought tooth and nail to keep these restrictions in place, despite the societal harm they inflicted.

However, this year, some Democrats have woken up to the reality that sticking with unpopular mandates will lead to severe political destruction as the November midterms get closer. It is why several Democrat leaders across the country are suddenly rolling back restrictions in one capacity or the next.

However, some leftist leaders, such as Biden, favor still keeping the mandates going. According to Fox News, it has led to Democrats butting heads amongst themselves

While some leftist mayors, such as the Mayor of Denver, have chosen to roll back the COVID limitations in effect, other Mayors are not following suit. Democrats oversee cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., are standing by their mandates, with no end in sight.

Meanwhile, as left-wing mayors take varying restrictions, some Democrat Governors are issuing statewide rollbacks. In New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, Delaware, etc., the Democrat governors have chosen to do away with the mask mandates in effect.

The about-face that many left-wing leaders are doing on mandates is not by chance. It arrives during a juncture where mass numbers of people across the globe are demanding a return to normal, free of mandates and heavy government intrusion.

Democrats are also calling on Biden to adopt a more geared stance towards a return to normalcy as the November midterms get nearer. In March, for instance, when Biden shared his State of the Union Address, some leftists were urging him to lay out a plan for a post-COVID America.

At this time, it doesn’t look like Democrats will have a united front on COVID restrictions anytime soon.

Just last week, when Biden faced an inquiry from an interviewer about Democrats pulling back restrictions, he declared the moves are “premature.” At this time, the president appears to be in the camp of Democrats aiming to keep mandates going for as long as possible, despite their unpopularity.

Therefore, Americans should expect to see the left make a series of choices all over the map regarding COVID. Americans should likewise vote accordingly in November to get both chambers of Congress under a Republican majority once more.