Democrats Must Face The Music On Retail Thefts Happening Across America

When the Democrat Party waged its all-out war against law enforcement, they set into motion a chain of hazardous events that are still playing out to this very day. There is a direct connection between the decrease in funding to police departments and the rise of crime rates in these very same communities.

When Democrats also chose to let prisoners out of jail at the same time as they defund the police in 2020, they again put a series of destructive events in motion. There have been recorded rises in police officers retiring and quitting.

Furthermore, with the negative cultural shift in attitudes towards police, there’s no telling how hard it may be to get new law enforcement officers on the beat.

Because of the Democrat Party adopting pro-crime, anti-police policies, retail thefts are ravaging various cities across the United States. The plight has become so dire that now retailers are writing to members of Congress, pressing these legislators to take action, per the National Review.

Twenty different retail CEOs are pressing members of the House and Senate to pass bills that will discourage retail thefts. Right now, when thieves smash and grab merchandise, they are selling it online to turn a profit.

Retailers, therefore, seek to stop this from happening. For this to occur, though, Congress will need to pass legislation that mandates platforms that sell goods to confirm the identities of individuals with the merchandise.

According to the Retail Industry Leaders Association, retail thefts bring chaos to impacted communities. Furthermore, if Congress does indeed pass legislation that makes it harder for criminals to profit from their looting of stores, this is bound to drive down thefts altogether.

Finally, the aforementioned retail CEOs warned Congress that the absence of mandatory identity confirmation when selling goods online is making things easier for criminals yet harder for those running businesses.

The United States Congress is a body composed of Republicans and Democrats. However, these groups are worlds apart from the reality of retail crime in America.

Republicans have denounced this crime, in addition to warning that local leaders must take real action to stop this. Some of the best steps would include increasing funding to police, along with not scrapping cash bail.

Democrats, on the other hand, are in a state of denial when it comes to retail thefts in the United States. House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even had the nerve to claim the reports of these crimes haven’t panned out.

Meanwhile, the videos of thugs breaking into countless retail stores and grabbing merchandise tell a different story.

At the rate things are going, retail CEOs may have a better chance of getting results once Democrats no longer control the House and Senate.