Democrats Left ‘Burying Their Heads’ In The Sand As Biden’s Presidency Implodes

The reality that Joe Biden has wholly failed this country as President of the United States is an objective observation, not a partisan one.

Democrats, despite voting Biden into office, are letting everyone know in subtle, unintentional ways that they regret their decision. One prime example is that various Democrats with elections this year have begun distancing themselves from the President and refusing to be seen with him.

Meanwhile, Independent voters who helped contribute to Biden getting into the White House are now strongly disapproving. Despite Biden campaigning as a moderate Democrat, his leadership as President has been extreme and radical.

Of course, everyone knows that Republicans aren’t on board with this President either.

Putting partisanship aside, 55% of the country collectively disapproves of Biden. Meanwhile, he’s got net negative ratings of approval on the economy, crime, gun violence, foreign policy, and more.

As things get worse and worse for the current President, many Democrats are just burying their heads in the sand, as American Thinker points out.

According to a new study by the Knight Foundation and Gallup, Democrats today are less likely by 35% to observe national news than they were one year ago. Furthermore, today’s Democrats show much less interest in the news than today’s Republicans and Independents.

It’s not hard to figure out why. The news has been flooded with one story after the other of the messes Biden’s made and the series of disasters stemming from his leadership.

The news is also a reminder to Democrats that Biden’s broken his promises to them. Commitments to ending student loan debt and making community college free are just two of many examples.

Today, things are so bad for Biden’s base that many are going on social media and openly admitting they regret voting for the 46th President.

If Democrats are avoiding the news now due to the implosion of the Biden presidency, they really won’t like what’s in the media after November.

Because of Biden’s destructive presidency, Democrats are on a fast track to getting swept away by a red wave later this year. Republicans are highly likely to win back both chambers of Congress, thus dealing a significant blow to Biden, who’s relied on having congressional reinforcements thus far.

Democrats also aren’t likely to appreciate the news during the 2024 presidential election cycle when Biden loses his bid for a second term. What Biden even thinks he’ll be able to campaign on in 2024 after four years of chaos is a mystery to many Americans.