Democrats Just Alienated A Key Ally

These days, the Democrat Party doesn’t have much going for it. With the left in charge of the federal government, inflation is higher than ever, public safety is in danger, and living costs are becoming increasingly unaffordable.

The series of problems America currently faces can be primarily traced back to spending bills like the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Despite the name of this legislation, it did nothing but “rescue” the United States. Some of the most harmful impacts this bill had on America include driving up inflation and pushing much-needed employees out of the workforce.

Unfortunately, congressional Democrats just passed another $1.2 trillion spending bill. Therefore, things in this country will get a lot worse before they get better.

In the case of the Democrat Party specifically, they continue to overplay their hand. In doing this, they’ve managed to alienate a key ally, as reported by Newsmax.

The latest bill Democrats are trying to pass is the agenda known as Build Back Better. However, similarly to the American Rescue Plan, this legislation’s name does not accurately describe its impacts on the nation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is officially an Independent, yet a key ally to Democrats, due to his socialist viewpoints. However, on the matter of Build Back Better, Sanders is not pleased. During a CNN interview last week, the socialist senator declared the bill as “bad politics.”

Then, later on, on Twitter, Sanders essentially blasted the Democrat Party as hypocrites. Sanders declared that Democrats couldn’t profess themselves to be the heralds of making wealthy people “pay their fair share” while passing tax relief for millionaires.

The senator declared he wouldn’t support any legislation that lets wealthy people get tax breaks in another statement. The lack of support of Sanders could be problematic for Democrats, seeing as they need every senator who is not a Republican to vote for this bill to pass Congress.

If anything, Sanders’ remarks against the Build Back Better Act provisions show that more struggles are ahead for the president. These complications come as Biden is already facing historically low approval numbers, with his vice president in an even worse position.

As time passes, Democrats are alienating more and more people. They’re alienating voters, who now say in polls that they want Republicans to control Congress. Democrats have also largely alienated Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, moderate members of their party who are not too keen on toeing the progressive line 100% of the time.

At this rate, the Democrat Party will eventually ensure its destruction.