Democrats Haven’t Learned Their Lesson On ‘Defunding The Police’

On the surface, it may appear that the Democrat Party has learned its lesson when advocating for silly and dangerous measures, such as defunding the police.

After all, when Biden visited New York City earlier this month, he stated that defunding the police wasn’t the answer. Last year, the White House was so desperate to distance itself from the defund police movement that they claimed Republicans were the faithful supporters of defunding law enforcement.

Despite these occurrences, Democrats have not learned their lesson. The reality is that notwithstanding rampant increases in violent crime, Democrats are still very much the party of defunding law enforcement.

As PJ Media reports, one of the leftists to make that abundantly clear is none other than House Democrat Ilhan Omar.

Days ago, Rep. Ilhan Omar sat down for a one-on-one interview with MSNBC. While speaking with the leftist news channel, Omar was questioned about whether Democrats openly swore off the movement to defund and dismantle law enforcement amid upticks in crime.

Omar’s response to this line of questioning was quite telling. The Minnesota Democrat branded herself as a “starter of fires.” Then, she went on to assert the need to “burn down everything” as a means of addressing supposed inequities around race, gender, etc.

Aside from spouting off predictable intersectionality talking points, Omar noted the importance of protecting “vulnerable” individuals in various communities. Yet, somehow, she failed to make the connection between a reduction in police and a surge in crime.

It inherently leaves the vulnerable individuals referenced by Omar less protected. Meanwhile, she and her other colleagues in Congress can bask in the luxury of private security.

Omar is far from the other Democrat who doesn’t see the inherent danger and stupidity of defunding law enforcement. Like Omar, House Democrat Cori Bush is on record supporting the defunding of police, even as crime reaches unprecedented heights.

In a recent interview earlier this month, Rep. Bush declared that defunding the police wasn’t the problem. The congresswoman even claimed that if Democrats lose the House of Representatives in November, it will be because they haven’t gone far enough in executing their radical agenda.

It is very distressing for America to have individuals with these mindsets in the federal government as lawmakers. If Democrats can’t understand why defunding law enforcement is problematic, then, at this point, they just aren’t going to get it.

The talking points from Reps. Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush are more reasons why they and other Democrats in Congress need to be voted out of office.