Democrats Have Overplayed The COVID Card

The Democrat Party has played the COVID card for the past two years. They’ve used COVID to justify booting people out of their jobs, turning healthcare workers from heroes into pariahs, and so much more.

At some point, people get tired of fearmongering, of being told how to live their lives, and otherwise getting fed ever-changing talking points about this virus and how people should respond to it.

Democrats nationwide see COVID as an opportunity to expand their power and exert more dominance over the American people’s lives. However, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, the COVID card is finally getting played out.

The people of this country are faced every day with the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration. These policies’ impacts on the economy are very grave and make Americans tired of Biden playing the COVID card.

According to the Associated Press, only 37% of Americans view COVID as something that should be a leading priority in the country this year. It is a sharp drop from the previous 53% of people who previously stated COVID should be among the top priorities.

On the other hand, nearly seven out of ten Americans believe economic conditions should be a top priority. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration isn’t paying attention.

Biden and Harris just went to Georgia to promote their elections takeover bill, rather than focusing on how they’re going to lower inflation.

With America getting closer to the midterm elections, the country’s people are getting a firsthand look at what happens when Democrats are in office.

While Democrats are determined to ride out the COVID wave for as long as possible, they are only showing how out of touch they’ve become. Republicans, meanwhile, are focused on speaking to voters about issues of importance, such as inflation, bringing back jobs, getting children back into schools, and more.

Democrats are continuing to set themselves up for disaster. As the nation is now in the third year of this so-called pandemic, fatigue is here, and people are over it.
There’s only so long Democrats can play the fear card before the nation decides enough is enough. With each passing day, more Americans wake up and say no more.